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Rediscover Your 'Rights' This Month

I’m not talking about rights granted by governments or other people who feel they can control or dictate. We are energy beings and as each of our main body chakras finds its place in the womb it triggers our personal energy rights.

Whilst in the womb these migrate in to place from the crown to the root, I am going to talk about them, from root to crown, because that is how they then form cycles of development once we are born.

The root chakra is our ‘right to be’, probably one of the most fundamental as each energy being has a right to exist. How they exist is a unique and individual journey but society over the last decades, or most likely centuries, has sought to make everyone conform. But if you look back over the decades, each generation has fought for it’s own stage of uniqueness and independence – this current decade is no different. However, with each passing decade the boundaries are being pushed further and further to ‘be different’ instead of realising that we are all already unique and should be recognised and allowed just ‘to be’.

If you are just joining me on the Nascuropathy journey, take some time to ‘rediscover’ each of your chakras as it comes in to focus over the coming months. This month is just an ‘intro’ or for those of you who have been following a while, it’s a ‘reminder’ to re-balance and celebrate each of your chakra ‘rights’.

Your sacral chakra is your ‘right to feel’ and this is one we often ignore! So many times through childhood we are told ‘you’re ok’ or ‘it doesn’t matter’ or even ‘just ignore it’ but if as children we do not learn the difference between what is good, what is bad and what it feels like to be balanced also, then we will never be able to navigate the path of adulthood and all it throws at us! So, if like most people, you’ve always had to ‘swallow your feelings’ or ‘put a lid on it’, its time to let it all out, clear what you no longer need, embrace what you do and find a balance in your right to feel!

The solar plexus is about the ‘right to act’, which is often misinterpreted. The right to act is not about ‘doing whatever you want without the consequences. It is about understanding that our actions will always have an impact and a consequence, that whilst we do have a right to act, we should do so without having a negative impact or consequence. However, it is also about the right to investigate, to explore for yourself and to experience, and to not let others do it for you - don't forget that!

The heart is a BIG one and so many of us carry heavy hearts from throughout our childhood and adult life! The right to give AND receive love is crucial to our existence, it is one that we must nurture and balance because BOTH matter!

The throat is our right to speak and yet so many never feel like they have a voice. Finding your voice is about speaking your truth, not repeating the words of others, not spreading false words, but being empowered to speak, speak from the heart, speak the truth and be heard.

Our 3rd Eye chakra is one that many believe is only linked to our spiritual connections and so try and shut it off because they don’t want to ‘see’ things they may be afraid of. However, our right to ‘see’ and think are intrinsically linked as they are the ‘seat of our energy and our energy is more than just spirituality. It is the seat of all energy signals, what we feel, what we think, our emotions as well as our spirituality – they’re all things we cannot physically touch but they’re all linked through our 3rd Eye.

Finally, your crown chakra. It is your right to understand! We are all struggling with this one at the moment as many of us cannot understand the world we see before us. Understanding is more than just knowledge. It is all encompassing of our interactions – it is the seat of compassion, it is our sense of fairness and equality, it is being able to rationalise and not judge. It is respect, boundaries (these should be self-set through our morality) and it is our empathy.

We are struggling with all of the above right now because the world we have lived in for the past 2 years is almost unrecognisable, it is being manipulated and segregated and divisional thinking is rife. So more than anything, we need to bring balance to our crown and understanding and then our entire chakra system, to ensure we are working in truth and light against the growing dark cloud of fear, doubt and division.

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