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Forget New Year, Imbolc Is The Time For New Beginnings

If you've been with me a while then you will have not wasted your first month of the year on resolutions and new fad diets and exercises, because you would know that in Winter, it is a time for resting, hunkering down during the cold months and restoring your energy. January at Nasco was all about planning!

So as we approach the cross-quarter day that is Imbolc on 1st February, we are ready to put our plans in to action because Imbolc energy is all about NEW BEGINNINGS!!

Imbolc translates to 'in the belly' because it referred to the time when we relied on the milk from the pregnant ewes to bring us much needed sustenance as the last weeks of winter held their grip. Milk provides also butter and cheese, who doesn't love cheese!! OK, those allergic of course but otherwise, cheese is a must this time of year hence no new diets! It also refers to the first signs of life in the earth as we see snowdrops emerging, sometimes through the snow still and with them comes hope.

I don't understand why we have forgotten all of these traditional ways of living? Oh, hold on a minute, yes I do, its all about money! Money is now a 24/7, year round obsession! However, it is not good for our wellbeing or mental health.

Winter brings less daylight, it should bring less hours of working and more time resting and restoring every aspect of our wellbeing ready for the longer days ahead. Instead, we try and force ourselves to get up when its dark, still perform as if it's the height of summer and 'burn the candle at both ends!' Well Imbolc is symbolised by the candle, sometimes called Candlemass, to remind us that you actually cannot burn a candle at both ends with consequence.

Following a Nascuropathy lifestyle is a choice, like Buddhism, you can immerse yourself deep in to our practices or you can dabble in the peripherals of your own comfort zone, but we ask you to make some simple 'pledges' (we don't use rules as we are not here to control) to live:

  • connect to nature and her seasons, and the bounty she offers us

  • positively and with unconditional love

  • with awareness, respect and compassion

  • through conscious sensory connections

  • in balance with our Mother Earth and Universal Energy

  • an empowered, meaningful life with grace, beauty and wisdom

So, this Imbolc, prepare to put your plans in to action, take the opportunities new beginnings, embrace the hope that the emerging light brings. There has never been a better time to walk the Nascuropathy path and find your own 'new beginning'....

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